The Centre for Advanced Studies in Electronics Science and Technology (CASEST) is a successor to the DoE/UGC Electronics Programme initiated in 1995-96 to carry out research and teaching in Electronics Science. The Centre is supported by the UGC’s Special Assistance under DRS-1. The Centre offers three programmes: Master of Technology in Integrated Circuits Technology [M.Tech. (ICT)], Master of Technology in Microelectronics & VLSI Design [M.Tech. (MVLSI)], and Ph.D. in Electronics Science and Engineering

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The centre will be a multi-disciplinary hub of excellence that aims to attract talent from a wide range of fields to enable establishment of a truly world-class centre for research in Electronics Science and Technology.

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The main objective will be to create and develop a world class multi-disciplinary research environment, supported by strong research funding and industry collaborations in the following broad research groups and areas:

Digital, Analog, RF and Mixed-Signal IC Design, MEMS, MMICs, RFICs and NEMS, VLSI design, FPGA design, DSP algorithms, Systems design and Soft Computing, Simulation, modeling and algorithm development, Embedded systems, Smart grid, Nano-electronics, RF electronics, SIP and SOC.

Micro- and Nano-fabrication of device structures, Materials and Phenomenon for electronic applications, Process Science and Technology for Micro-fabrication, Ion-beam techniques for micro- and nano-electronics, Thin-films and Technology for electronics, Alternate dielectric films and other materials for new generation of MOS and other devices, flexible electronics

On-wafer probing techniques over wide frequency, temperature and field ranges, 3D packaging, EDA tools and related software, design for testability.