centre for advanced studies in electronics science & technology




It is widely recognized that Electronics is no longer the exclusive domain of engineers. With the advent of areas such as organic and molecular electronics, nanotechnology, flexible electronics etc. electronics is now a multi-disciplinary field. Clearly, therefore, it is essential that the centre is able to employ experts who are not restricted either to Electronics engineering or Physics alone. Many of these areas require expertise in fields as diverse as Mathematics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Chemical engineering. CASEST is uniquely placed to attract multi- and interdisciplinary talent and also enable active collaboration with the electronics industry. To this end, CASEST is focusing on pursuing research and development in the core areas of design and fabrication of electronic devices as well as interdisciplinary areas. In the next phase of development, the main objective is to create skillful human resources required to meet challenges of our national electronics design and fabrication programs. New teaching and research programs will be designed to accomplish this task. Emphasis will be on 1) VLSI Design and Fabrication, 2) Synthesis of new electronic materials in different forms and phases (including thin films, epitaxial layers and nano materials), 3) Interface studies and 4) Fabrication of electronics devices (including MOS Devices, High-k Devices, Memory Devices, Microwave devices using novel materials, MEMS, NEMS, Sensors and RF ICs, 5) Design and Simulation methodologies and algorithms, 6) process development, 7) Soft Computing, wireless sensors, bio-inspired systems, photonics, smart grid and 8) promotion of active collaboration with industry.

To achieve these objectives, the Centre will embark upon the Research areas covering materials, devices, circuits and systems encompassing Flexible electronics, system-on-chip for communication and instrumentation, sensor systems and technologies, reconfigurable and smart electronics. The emphasis will be to retain focus on systems and the final product and assist students and faculty towards entrepreneurship to carry the prototypes into technology transfer and production.