centre for advanced studies in electronics science & technology

Research Areas

Broad Research Areas

Prof K.C.James RajuStructure – property correlations in Ferroelectric and dielectric materials & Magnetic oxide (bulk and thin films).
Prof. M.Ghanashyam KrishnaDevelopment of materials and devices for electronic, Opto-electronic and sensor applications
Prof Samrat L. SabatVLSI Digital Signal Processing , Cognitive Radio, Digital VLSI Design
Prof S .V.S.Nageswara RaoElectronic Materials, Nano Materials and Devices: Fabrication, Ion beam studies, Radiation damage and Reliability studies
Dr. Kollu PratapMagnetic Sensors and Materials, Multiferroics, Water purification and Li-Ion, Na-Ion Battery Anode Materials
Dr.Bhawna GomberTrigger Electronics for CMS experiment at LHC, CERN. Algorithm development and implementation in FPGA
Dr. Anjali PriyaSemiconductor Devices, Nanoscale Device modelling and simulation, VLSI Design (Analog)