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Prof. Nageswara Rao S. V. S.



University of Hyderabad,Gachibowli,Hyderabad,Telangana,500046
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QualificationPh.D. (University of Hyderabad)
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Ph.D Physics, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad .

Thesis title: Ion Beam Characterization and Engineering of Strain in Semiconductor Multi-Layers.

M.Sc(Tech.) Physics with specialization in Electronics and Space Physics, JNTUCE Anantapur, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

B.Sc (Mathematics, Physics & Electronics), A.M.A.L. College, Anakapalle, Andhra University, Waltair.

Professional Experience

Professor (12/2016 – to date)

Associate Professor (12/2013 – 12/2016)

Reader (12/2010 – 12/2013)

CASEST, School of Physics, University of Hyderabad (UH), Central Univ. (PO), Hyderabad 500 046, India

(Co-Professor-in-charge: Centre for Nanotechnology, UOH, Coordinator, PG Dip. in Telecom., CDVL)

 Assistant Professor (06/2007 – 12/2010)

Department of Physics, Pondicherry University (PU), Pondicherry 605 014, India.

Research Associate (06/2004 – 05/2007)

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, BOX NO. 1807B, Nashville, TN–37235, USA 

Dr. K S Krishnan Research Associate (08/2003 – 05/2004)

Nuclear Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai , MP–400 085, India.

Senior Research Fellow (01/2003 – 08/2003)

School of Physics, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, AP–500 046, India.

Research Areas

Electronic Materials, Nano Materials and Devices: Fabrication, Ion beam studies, Radiation damage and Reliability studies.

Member of Professional Bodies

1) Elected Fellow, Telangana Academy of Sciences (TAS), India,

2) Member Institute of Physics, London,

3) EC Member, Ion Beam Society of India and

4) Life member IPA, India.

5) Member, Special Board of Studies: M.Tech (Electronics), Pondicherry University (2008-10).

6) BOS Member, Department of Nuclear Physics, Andhra University (since Mar 2019).

7) Member, School Board, School of Engineering Science and Technology (SEST), UoH (since Nov. 2019).

Sponsored / Consultancy Projects


  1. “Application of Ion Beams to Study and Engineer the Resistive Switching Properties of  Transition Metal-oxides” UFR Project of IUAC, New Delhi, ~ 10 Lakhs  (2018-21) [Co-PI: Prof. M. Ghanashyam Krishna]


  1. “Synthesis and Photoluminescence studies of porous silicon for photonics, photovoltaics, and bio-sensing applications”, UPE-II project, University of Hyderabad, India, 3 Lakhs, as PI (2012) [Investigators: S V S Nageswara Rao (PI) and S. Venugopal Rao]
  2. A study on the influence of energetic ions on bonded hydrogen in semiconductors, UFR Project of IUAC, New Delhi, ~ 5 Lakhs  (2008-11) [Investigator: S V S Nageswara Rao (PI)]
  3. “Nanoparticles/nanostructures assisted surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy: Detection of oxidative stress in a biological system” UPE-II project, University of Hyderabad, India, 10 Lakhs, as PI (2014). [Investigators: S V S Nageswara Rao (PI), S. Venugopal Rao, K.P.M.S.V. Padmasree and Sarada D. Tetali]
  4. “Effects of swift heavy ion irradiation on the structural and optical properties of Si nanoparticles and nanostructures prepared by different methods” UFR Project of IUAC, New Delhi, ~ 6 Lakhs  (2015-18)
  5. “Characterization of defects in semiconductors by Coherent Acoustic Phonon (CAP) spectroscopy and investigation of NV centers in Diamond”, UGC-DAE-CSR-Kalpakkam Node, ~ 7 Lakhs (2015 – 18), [Co-PI: Prof. A. P. Pathak].
  6. “Ion beam studies of hafnium based high-k dielectric materials for metal oxide semiconductor device applications”, UGC-DAE-CSR-Kolkota Node, ~ 1.5 Lakhs (2015 – 18), [Co-PI: Prof. A. P. Pathak].


I. Ph.D. (Ongoing):

A. Electronics Science and Engineering:

1) Mr. Nimmala Arun (Thesis submitted)

2) Mr. G. Sai Prasad 

B. Physics

1) Mr. K. Vinod Kumar

2) Mr. M. Mangababu

3) Mr. Ravi Kanaka

II) Project Assistants:

1) Mr. Arup K R. 

III) Ph.D. (Completed): 


1). Dr. V.S. Vendamani  

2) Dr. N. Manikantha Babu

3) Dr. M. Dhanunjaya

Publications and Patents

Articles in Refereed Journals:

  1. “Effects of swift heavy ion irradiation on the performance of HfO2-based resistive random access memory devices”, N. Arun, L. D. Varma Sangani, K. Vinod Kumar, A. Mangababu, M. Ghanashyam Krishna, A. P. Pathak, and S. V. S. Nageswara RaoJ. Mater Sci: Mater Electron, (In press) (


  1. “Robust and cost-effective silver dendritic nanostructures for SERS-based trace detection of RDX and ammonium nitrate”, V. S. Vendamani, S. V. S. Nageswara Rao, A. P. Pathak and Venugopal Rao Soma, RSC Adv., 10, 44747 (2020). (DOI: 10.1039/d0ra08834j)


  1. “Effects of Initial Grain Size and Laser Parameters on HfO2 Nanoparticles Prepared Using Femtosecond Laser Ablation in Liquids”, A. Mangababu, Ch. Sianglam, B. Chandu, D. K. Avasthi, S. Venugopal Rao, M. Motapothula and S.V.S. Nageswara Rao, J. of Electronic Materials (in press) (  


  1. “Ar Ion Irradiation Effects on the Characteristics of Ru| Pt| n-GaN Schottky Barrier Diodes”, S Kumar, V Kumar Mariswamy, A Kumar, A Kandasami, A Nimmala, SVS Nageswara Rao, V Rajagopal Reddy, K Sannathammegowda, Semiconductors 54, 1641 (2020)


  1. “Nanosecond pulsed laser ablation of Al–Cu–Fe quasicrystalline material: Effects of solvent and fluence”, R Rawat, A Tiwari, N Arun, SVS Nageswara Rao, AP Pathak, Yagnesh Shadangi, NK Mukhopadhyay, S Venugopal Rao, A Tripathi, J. of Alloys and Compounds, 157871 (2020),


  1. “Structural investigations of picosecond laser ablated GaAs nanoparticles in different liquids”, A. Mangababu, G. Sarang Dev, B. Chandu, M.S.S. Bharati, S. Venugopal Rao and S.V.S. Nageswara RaoNano-Structures & Nano-Objects 23, 100509 (2020),


  1. “Synthesis of CuO hollow nanoparticles using laser ablation: effect of fluence and solvents”, Rajesh Rawat, Archana Tiwari, Nimmala Arun, SVS Nageswara Rao, AP Pathak, S Venugopal Rao, Ajay Tripathi, Appl. Phys. A 126, 226 (2020).


  1. “Radiation tolerance, charge trapping, and defect dynamics studies of ALD-grown Al/HfO 2/Si nMOSCAPs”, N Manikanthababu, T Basu, S Vajandar, SVS Nageswara Rao, BK Panigrahi, T Osipowicz, AP Pathak, J Mater Sci: Mater Electron 31, 3312–3322 (2020). .


  1. “Medium Energy Carbon and Nitrogen Ion Beam Induced Modifications in Charge Transport, Structural and Optical Properties of Ni/Pd/n-GaN Schottky Barrier Diodes”, Santosh Kumar, Xiang Zhang , V K Mariswamy, V Rajagopal Reddy, Asokan Kandasami, Arun Nimmala, S V S Nageswara Rao, Jue Tang, S Ramakrishnna and Krishnaveni S, MDPI Materials 13(6), 1299 ( 2020);


  1. “120 MeV Ag Ion irradiation induced intermixing, grain fragmentation in HfO2/GaOx thin films and consequent effects on electrical properties of HfO2/GaOx/Si based MOS capacitors”,  K. Vinod Kumar, N. Arun, A. Mangababu, Sunil Ojha, S.V.S. Nageswara Rao and  A.P. Pathak, Rad. Eff. and Def. in Solids (In press – Jan. 2020).


  1. “Solvents Effect on the Morphology and Stability of Cu/CuO Nanoparticles Synthesized at High Fluence Laser Ablation”, R Rawat, A Tiwari, N Arun, S.V.S. Nageswara Rao, AP Pathak and A Tripathi, Chemistry Select 4 (35), 10471-10482 (2019).


  1. “Effects of ion irradiation on the structural and electrical properties of HfO2/SiON/Si p-metal oxide semiconductor capacitors”, N Manikanthababu, V Saikiran, T Basu, K Prajna, S Vajandar, AP Pathak, BK Panigrahi, T Osipowicz and S.V.S. Nageswara RaoThin Solid Films 682, 156-162 (2019)


  1. “Swift heavy ion irradiation assisted Si nanoparticle formation in HfSiOx nano-composite thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering method”, M Dhanunjaya, KV Kumar, N Manikanthababu, S.V.S. Nageswara Rao and AP Pathak, Nucl. Instr. Meth. B 446, 37 (2019)


  1. “Influence of the bottom metal electrode and gamma irradiation effects on the performance of HfO2-based RRAM devices”, N Arun, K Vinod Kumar, A Mangababu, S.V.S. Nageswara Rao and AP Pathak, Rad. Eff. and Def. in Solids 174 (1-2), 66-75 (2019)


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Awards and Honours

Best Ph.D. Thesis Presentation Award in Solid-State Physics (2002) of Indian Physics Association.